Sepia CMS

Cloud Content Management System

SepiaCMSTo manage and organize websites and archive contents, content management systems are used. These can be of a variety of kinds. Sepia Solutions addresses the need to manage your websites in its own way by providing its customers with a generalized application that helps you to manage all kinds of sites - SepiaCMS - an application that focuses on user centered design, ease of use, and accessibility.


Our Content management system offers immense number of modules for website management with step by step website builder in a hosted environment. Our system helps a user in creating a customised website in easy steps and offers flexibility to update and manage the content. It also uses integrated collaboration environment which includes the following applications:

  • Web Content Management Solution empowers non-technical people to create, manage and publish content on websites with multi-lingual support (left to right and right to left).
  • Collaborative Environment designed to improve the performance of organization by supporting the sharing and flow of information.
  • Documentation Management Systems manage a document and make it available publicly with version history management.

CMS FeaturesSome of the modules of our CMS are as follows:

  • Multi User & Multilingual CMS for Website Management
  • Media Management (Audio/Video/Photo Gallery)
  • News & Updates Management
  • FAQ Management
  • Job Board (Recruitment System)
  • Link Management
  • Form Management (Feedback/Inquiry/Any type of Form)
  • Newsletter Management
  • Online Polls Management
  • Site Search Engine
  • Site Map Generator
  • Google Analytics Integration

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