Sepia SIMS

School Information & Management System

SepiaSIMSOur School Information Management System is a particularly useful application, intended to help increase interaction between teachers and students, and for parents to stay informed of the progress of their children.

The application is multi branch, multi location and designed to eradicate unnecessary paperwork. All data concerning students can now be virtually centralized in a single online location, accessible instantly and universally. Among other key features, the application also has an in-built grading system, helping teachers grade according to defined criteria (content, vocabulary, grammar etc.)

Key Features of this System are:

  • Student Management
  • Faculty Management
  • Take Attendance Online
  • Manage Class Schedules
  • Manage Academic Calendar
  • Manage Assignment
  • Manage Disciplinary Report of Students
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Student Fee Management System
  • Resource Centre (e-Library)
  • Manage Examination Schedule and Reporting
  • Integrated CMS for website management

And many other modules

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