PPC Campaign

Pay Per ClickPPC, short for Pay Per Click, is an easy marketing campaign that can give a better guarantee of your clicking users becoming your customers. PPC works on the per click earning strategy. These can be anything you want - links, images, articles, ads, and others.

Predicting what you want a user to do when he visits your site is one thing, what the user actually does on your site is another. The second of the two is more important since it is more reality based - you should know what the visitors to your sites do, and in what sequences, so that when you create your marketing campaign it is so effective so that these visitors convert into your customers.

When you add an ad on someone's site and sponsor that site, you become their affiliate. When that ad is clicked, the affiliate site is paid. There are not just several but most of the public sites work on this policy and you can easily offer them an affiliation. Different sites have different rates, and hence you need to create a package according to your need and budget. The best of these sites are Google and Facebook.

Sepia helps its valued clients to decide their budget, choose affiliate sites, PPC campaign package, as well as completely creates the marketing campaign for you, executing it before handing it over to you.