Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce E-commerce and online shopping are an essential part of our lives. With the advent of smartphones added to the industry, we have a whole new world of facilities at our disposal. Mobile Commerce is when you execute any financial activity through your mobile device. Since the smartphone is a special device, and it has many more ways of transactions, it also needs special and unique dedicated applications for these activities.

The way mobility has taken over lives is enormous, not only in the technological sense but also in the smart phone sense - anyone who can get their hands on a good smart phone, gets one. And when they get this smart phone, they also start doing the various activities that go along with the smartphone. These activities also include making purchases online.

There are many ways to make purchases online from a mobile device. These include simple messages to specific numbers, as well as going to specific sites and using them to order online. But all through, a mobile device uses a different interface and technologies, for which specialized people are required. Sepia fills in this place by boasting of expertise and domain knowledge in mobile commerce. We develop and design mobile commerce applications, using up to date and standard technologies. We also develop modules and functions for open source mobile commerce applications.