Web Hosting

Website needs to be "hosted" somewhere for us to be able to use it. These "hosts" are web servers on which different kinds of solutions are available. The web is actually a whole universe hosted on various kinds of servers. Different kinds of websites have different requirements and needs. We provide a number of solutions for all kinds of websites, and businesses.

We provide variety of hosting services ranging from Shared hosting to dedicated server hosting:

  • Shared Hosting: You shall be sharing the server as well as the price with other people and sites, but that would not mean the quality of our service would be divided.
  • Reseller Hosting: Wanting to start your own hosting business from small scale? Get a reseller package and sell or rent out your space to your own customers.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Completely dedicated to you and your site, it has two types:
    • Un-Managed - Confident about your technical knowledge and want complete hold over your server? Come and get it!
    • Managed - A little novice over technical stuff, but still need a whole server completely assigned to you and your site only? We're here for your technical backup, get your server!

Hosting needs to be on high end servers and on robust environments so that nothing blocks your site traffic. What shall be the benefit of the server be if the server is down half the time? Therefore we provide our customers with high quality hosting machines, powerful to host numerous sites, with more up time than down, and complete maintenance support as well.

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