.Net Framework

The .Net framework is a versatile program providing many options with it as in languages, reporting interfaces and others. Simple yet innovative technologies, including the ASP.Net and ASP.Net MVC; MS Business Intelligence tools, especially the MS Reporting and Analysis tools; and Silver Light, make it possible to create the most intuitive and responsive applications possible for users. Read More

Mobile App Development

Different people use mobile phones for different tasks. Though mostly this is to keep in touch, many people may want to do other things, like keeping a diary, listening to music, setting reminders for events, etc. Sepia provides its customers with a team of professionals who know how to add innovation and uniqueness in applications and make them more beneficial for everyday activities. Read More

Content Management System

To manage and organize websites and archive contents, content management systems are used. These can be of a variety of kinds varying from online product showcase to online shopping system. Sepia Solutions provides its valued customers with its own creation in the market of content management systems - SepiaCMS, an easy to use and intuitive application with a simple user interface that doesn't need you to have any but basic technical know-how to use. Read More

Custom Application Development

Having expertise in the multiple programming languages and development engines, we can develop for you the most intuitive and innovative applications that would be completely according to you. With your needs and requirements in hand, our expert developers shall use the applications they are so fluent in, to create for you an application that will not only surpass your expectations, but also be what you want. Read More

Open Source Application Development

Since the internet started taking over our lives, economic solutions are springing everywhere. More accessibility and ease of use in web applications are the most important and demanded features. Open source solutions are an affordable and more accessible applications. These applications vary from e-commerce to blogging to content management systems. Sepia workforce is familiar with many of these applications and provides design and development services for most of them. Read More

Wordpress Development

Wordpress, one of the most used open source applications on the web, is users' own application: you can add and modify it according to your requirements. However, this requires expertise in understanding the application source code, where we come in. Our practiced developers and keen designers shall not only create for you a plugin, but also integrate it with the Wordpress application so you can easily use it. Read More