Virtual Walkthrough

Dreaming in Reality

When you dream, what is it that you feel? Are you conscious of the fact that you are sleeping and dreaming and that what you are seeing is not real? No, you feel it is real, you can feel it, sense it, it is not your dream, but a virtual reality that you are living. In other words, it is a virtual walkthrough, in which you are present and experiencing everything.

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Similarly, a virtual walkthrough that we make for you doesn't feel it is unreal. It is your experience - you are present there, perceiving everything. For customers to be able to perceive what their home may look like, or what they may have to experience when they join a university or go to a museum; is like gaining their permanent trust and confidence.

The Realm of Virtuality

Sepia provides its esteemed customers with the services of 3D walkthroughs and flythrough, both external and internal, to bring your projects to life. This can even include time walkthroughs, like a building getting constructed, or a home getting slowly decorated, or a simple walkthrough/flythrough through homes, buildings, museums, libraries, or even whole living communities and societies.