Sepia VCMS

Vessel & Client Management System

Import and export is a major part of almost all businesses today. With the distances of the world reducing with different types of transport of the land, air and the sea, it is to be expected that more and more processes and difficulties, along with more information would need to be recorded for every transaction/business deal being made.

Sepia Solutions came up with a solution specifically for port agencies, mostly involved in handling of bulk (dry/liquid) cargo ships at sea ports. The business processes that we automated were:

  • Inward/outward clearance of vessels on behalf of Ship Owners.
  • Fulfilling legal and monetary requirements of Government and Customs.
  • Coordinate ship owners, Consignee, clearing/forwarding agents
  • Record Cargo & Ship movements on different ports in the country.
  • Manage Cargo commercial & legal claims.
  • Purchase on behalf of Ship company
  • Provide services to ship and its crew during stay at local ports
  • Inform Importer/Exporter on Arrival/Departure of ship

Among the administrative modules of an effective and easy content management system, our Vessel and Client Management system consists of the following modules:

  • Client Management Module (Ship Owners)
  • Quotation Management Module
  • Ship (Vessel) Management Module
  • Importer/Exporter Management module
  • Cargo (Consignment) Management Module
  • Claim Management Module
  • Port/Terminal Management Module
  • Purchase Management Module
  • Vendor Management Module
  • Reporting Module
  • Document Management Module
  • Alert Management Module

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