2D Animation

Sepia Solutions gives its customer the benefits of 2D animations by providing services related to and in 2D. Our 2D services include advertisements, intros, product portfolio, demos, interactive CDs and quizzes, flash tutorials, animated simulations, flash templates, etc.

Multimedia can be used in a variety of ways to make different interactive materials. These will attract more users and motivate them to search for information. Interactive demonstrations depict your creativity and make the user attracted to you and your company, products and services. Creativity being a rarity, is treasured by most of the people - therefore it increases demand of your product or services, and hence the value of your business and organization.

Flashy Fun

One branch of this multimedia creativity is the 2D animation, an interactive way of expressing something. The greatest benefit of this animation is that it is small in size and compatible with most interfaces and devices. Therefore it is also the most feasible solution especially for websites and product demonstration.


To achieve top quality results, Sepia also uses many industry leading tools and technologies to create 2D animations, including the likes of Adobe Flash, Aftereffects, Toon Boom, etc. These tools have various options that make creating animations an easy task as well as create different types of animations. This can include simple motion graphics, as well as short films. Sepia uses these top of the line software applications to bring the ideas of its valued clients to life.

Though 2D animations are cool and effective, if you want to go a step further, we provide you services of 3D animations, architectural visualization, virtual walkthroughs and others.