Open Source Application Development

Open Source Application Development As technology advances and everyday tasks are automated, their demands increase and more tools are required to fulfill the requirements. Since not everyone can develop or afford a off the shelf proprietary application, people started working on programs that did not hold any barriers to who could take part in their development or who owned the copyrights to the application. This sort of app development is known as open source tools.

The open source tools are a beneficial industry area of the IT field - they focus the user and are created by the user, moreover they are always improving and furthering in development. These tools vary from e-commerce to blogging to content management systems and others. They are accessible to public and easy to use applications, allowed to be modified and improved by anyone from public.

We develop modules and features for many open source applications including:

  • Wordpress,
  • Joomla,
  • Drupal,
  • Magento,
  • 3DCart,
  • OSCommerce,
  • Zencart, etc.

Sepian workforce holds an expertise in all the fields and can convert pre-created modules/ features, or create brand new ones, and integrate them with the existing infrastructure of these open source tools.