Other Services


At Sepia, we provide our valued customers with the best advice to go through with a project. We provide services specifically related to IT. There are hundreds of creative minds, but not all of them know how to implement their creative ideas. This is where we come in. Sepia provides you with advice on which path to take to bring your creative ideas to life.Read More

Social Media

Visiting Social Media websites become essential part of online activity of user. People visit social website for playing games, creating groups, starting online activities like quizzes etc, and most importantly keeping in touch with their fellows. Sepia realizes the value of social media websites and therefore, we provide our valued customer with packages for social media marketing. We create different marketing campaigns, including for banners, headers, and side bars. Read More


Website needs to be "hosted" somewhere for us to be able to use it. These "hosts" are web servers on which different kinds of solutions are available. The web is actually a whole universe hosted on various kinds of servers. Different kinds of websites have different requirements and needs. We provide a number of solutions for all kinds of websites, and businesses.Read More

Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) or SLA (Service Level Agreement) - is a contract that gives you the assurance that you have a backup in us. This agreement has a lot of benefits and we make sure we offer our customers the best of these benefits so that they keep their trust embedded in us and our company forever. Read More